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Mentions legales

  • Property : This site is the property of the self-employed company CAM PRODUCTION, registered in the register of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Seine-et-Marne under number 894 122 720.

  • SIRET number: 894 122 720 00010

  • The head office : 4 rue des Grands Champs 77590 Bois-le-Roi

  • Publication Director : Margot CAM

  • Host : WIX

  • Realization of the site: Margot CAM and Alice SOARES

  • Illustrations: Alice Soares

  • Photographs: Margot CAM

  • Copyright & image, copyright, intellectual property: This entire site constitutes a work protected by French and international legislation in force on copyright and in general on intellectual and industrial property. All intellectual and industrial property rights (copyrights, patents, trademarks), including in particular exploitation rights, reproduction and extraction rights on any medium, of all or part of the data, files and all elements appearing in the web pages of this site, as well as the rights of representation and reproduction rights on any medium, of all or part of the site itself, the rights of modification, adaptation or translation, are reserved exclusively for CAMPRODUCTION (copyright ©margotcam, ©camproduction, ©cammargotproduction, ©cammargot) including in particular with regard to downloadable documents, graphic, iconographic, photographic, digital or audiovisual representations, and this, subject to the pre-existing rights of third parties having authorized the digital reproduction and/or integration into this site, by CAM PRODUCTION, of their works of any nature whatsoever. The partial or complete reproduction of the aforementioned elements and in general, the reproduction of all or part of this site on any medium whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of CAM PRODUCTION.




Any order or reservation implies full adherence to these general conditions of sale even if divergent or even contrary stipulations may appear on the customer's order forms or on its general conditions of purchase or on any other document issued by the customer.




“CAM PRODUCTION” refers to Margot CAM, sole proprietorship, Siret N° 894 122 720 00010, whose head office is located at 4 rue des Grands Champs – 77590 Bois-le-Roi.

"CUSTOMER" means any adult natural person or legal person, requesting the services of CAM PRODUCTION. The person or company signing these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (signature accompanied by the mention GOOD FOR AGREEMENT on the quote) guarantees payment of the invoice even if it must be drawn up in the name of a third party.




The CUSTOMER is informed on the estimate of the General Conditions of Sale and can consult them at any time on the website of CAM PRODUCTION at the address Consequently, any order placed by the CUSTOMER on behalf of CAM PRODUCTION implies acceptance and without reservation of these General Conditions of Sale.


CAM PRODUCTION offers the following services:

– Corporate video films, commercial, product, reports, interviews, corporate...

– Corporate photography, commercial, product, reports, wedding, family, model, …

– Corporate, commercial, product, wedding, family drawings, …

– Video productions for associations and artists, shows, concerts, theater …

– Filming / Video editing – delivery of a product ready to broadcast … 

– Internet broadcasts of your video products – creation of web teasers.

– Post-production, motion design, web design, colorimetry.




The CUSTOMER authorizes CAM PRODUCTION to cite its name and company name, extracts from video productions, as references for the commercial promotion of CAM PRODUCTION.

The CUSTOMER may object to this measure by simple letter addressed to the SERVICE PROVIDER.




Following a first contact, CAM PRODUCTION will offer the customer a quote specifying the following points:

– The duration of the intervention, the place, the date and the time.

– An analysis of the CLIENT's needs, a project that meets their expectations, an explanation of the offers and the progress of the service.

– The different options discussed between the CLIENT and CAM PRODUCTION.

– The scenes, places and people to be taken on video (or not), having, of course, their consent (image rights).

– The price and the estimated time of the service if the CLIENT has a deadline for rendering.

– In general, any other subject that has been previously discussed between the CLIENT and CAM PRODUCTION.


Unless otherwise stated, the terms and prices of the offer are valid within 30 days of sending the quote (by email).

The estimate, if it is signed by the CLIENT with the mention 'Bon Pour Accord' and by CAM PRODUCTION.

The estimate thus signed will validate the project and the start of its design.


The order becomes final upon receipt of the order form duly dated and signed, as well as a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the estimate.

In the event of particular mentions added by the CLIENT, these terms become contractual only after the agreement signed by CAM PRODUCTION.


The prices of the services are those detailed in the quotes or contracts, accepted by the customer. They are confidential and are expressed in euros and are not subject to VAT (article 293b of the CGI).


Any delays due to the client, in particular due to a lack of collaboration: late transmission or poor quality of the documents necessary for the final production releases the service provider as to the deadline. Any modification resulting in a change or addition of programming, or addition of graphic creations, will be the subject of a prior estimate and subject to pricing from CAM PRODUCTION.


Exceeding delivery times cannot give rise to damages, withholding or cancellation of orders in progress.


If the delay is caused by CAM PRODUCTION exclusively, CAM PRODUCTION undertakes to reimburse the 30% deposit of the total amount of the service (excluding travel expenses and rental of equipment) per month of delay. CAM PRODUCTION can in no way be held responsible for the delay of its suppliers or partners.


CAM PRODUCTION reserves the right to refuse an order with a customer for whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.




CAM PRODUCTION undertakes to perform the service according to the customer's instructions, subject to technical and/or physical impossibility (accident, natural disaster, physical impossibility of the service provider, etc.).

If CAM PRODUCTION could not perform its service, the deposit would be fully returned to the customer.




– Respect the strictest confidentiality concerning the information provided by the client, and designated as such.

– Do not disclose any information on the work and services provided for its customers.

– Return any document provided by the client at the end of the mission.

– Sign a confidentiality agreement if the client wishes.


Information will not be considered confidential:

– which are available to the public.

– which must be disclosed in order to carry out the filing formalities prescribed by law.




– Do not divert, copy or use the digital files provided outside the scope specified in the contract or quote binding the two parties.

– The clauses of the contract or estimate signed between the parties are deemed confidential, and as such cannot be communicated to unauthorized third parties.




For video shooting, CAM PRODUCTION undertakes to make its best efforts to comply with the indications provided by the customer, subject to technical impossibility or in relation to the existence of intellectual property rights held by some thirds.


CAM PRODUCTION's priority is to deliver a quality film to its client, but certain elements, beyond its control, can sometimes make shooting difficult.


Ex: In rainy / stormy weather, shooting outdoors can be made impossible, difficult or even dangerous.

In the event of situations deemed dangerous or presenting a potential risk for the cameraman and/or his equipment, CAM PRODUCTION reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt the shooting.

The customer may be asked to obtain the necessary authorizations required in public places.


If CAM PRODUCTION could not carry out its service, the deposit would be fully returned to the customer.




If the customer were to cancel his order in writing and recommended before the production start date, his 30% deposit will be retained in full.




The client undertakes to inform his extras and/or participants that they will be filmed and/or photographed without them asking for image rights. If, however, some people absolutely do not wish to appear, the customer undertakes to inform CAM PRODUCTION as soon as possible.


However, it is preferable for the client to have them sign an image right.

CAM PRODUCTION undertakes to respect the laws relating to image rights and intellectual property, by having distribution and exploitation authorizations signed, for example if necessary. In the event of refusal, CAM PRODUCTION cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of the service in its entirety.




The video product is intended to be broadcast exclusively on the media defined on the quote and the invoice. Any distribution and/or commercial or similar exploitation on cable, television, interactive terminals or any known or unknown media, is the subject of an additional contract between the customer and CAM PRODUCTION.


CAM PRODUCTION declines all responsibility in the event of illicit distribution and/or exploitation of the product.

CAM PRODUCTION reserves the right to use the images resulting from the service and to distribute them on its website. And, if necessary, via video platforms, with the aim of promoting its activity.

In the event of refusal on the part of the Customer, the latter must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to CAM PRODUCTION motivating his refusal to distribute.




The prices and terms of payment for the services are indicated on the customer's quote.

Payment is made by bank transfer.

Declared under the auto-entrepreneur regime, the services of CAM PRODUCTION are not subject to VAT (VAT not applicable, article 293B of the CGI). The quotes and invoices issued by CAM PRODUCTION are therefore net of taxes and nothing is to be added to their amount.

The mode of payment will be established on a case-by-case basis with generally a deposit of 30% upon signature of the estimate and the remainder upon delivery of the service.



In the event of late payment, and after formal notice of payment by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, CAM PRODUCTION will suspend all other orders in progress and may exercise the right of retention. Delay penalties will be retained which will be equivalent to 10% of the total amount of the invoice per month of delay to which will be added any legal recovery costs.




Any request for modification of the order must be made in writing by the customer imperatively before the launch of the production of the services.

CAM PRODUCTION reserves the right to modify its pricing conditions according to the customer's request for modification.


Any work undertaken will be invoiced to the client. Any request for modification of an order in progress cannot be taken into account after the start of production. If the customer were to cancel his order in writing and recommended before the production start date, his 30% deposit will be retained in full.


For fifteen (15) days following the delivery of the video, the CUSTOMER may request minor modifications, i.e. the slight modification of the plans, titles, music, etc. More significant changes such as the need to redo the editing in whole will be subject to a new invoicing.




CAM PRODUCTION undertakes to deliver its production within the contractual period. It is agreed between the parties that payment by the client of all of the service provider's fees constitutes receipt and final acceptance of the services.




In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 80-335 of May 12, 1980, the transfer of ownership of the services sold will only take place upon full collection of their price, any default in payment on the due date automatically resulting in the termination of the sales agreement.

Any delay in payment will give rise to the invoicing of penalties calculated from the first day following the due date on the basis of 10% of the total amount of the invoice, per month of delay. Any committed month is due.

On the other hand, CAM PRODUCTION reserves the right with or without notice to suspend any delivery to the customer.


The customer will bear all the costs incurred by CAM PRODUCTION for the recovery of the sums due.




The rushes will be kept for 3 months after the delivery of the project.


If the customer wishes a longer backup of his data, he must make a written request to CAM PRODUCTION and pay a financial contribution for the backup thereof. A specific estimate for the delivery of the rushes can also be made beforehand between the parties.


After this time it will no longer be possible to request a copy of these files.




According to the L 335 1 -4 code of intellectual property, the right to reproduce videos/DVDs is prohibited.


In the event of a dispute, only the French courts will be deemed competent.

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 


The user of the site is informed that the processing of his personal data is carried out with respect for privacy in accordance with the law of June 21, 2014 for confidence in the Digital Economy, the Data Protection Act of August 6, 2004 as well as as the (EU) General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).


Responsible for the collection of personal data

The person responsible for processing Personal Data collected as part of the user's browsing on the site is Mrs. Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION. As responsible for processing the data it collects, Mrs. Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION undertakes to comply with the framework of the legal provisions in force.


Data storage

The site is hosted by Wix. User data may be stored through Wix's data storage, databases, and general applications. They store your data on secure servers.


Type of data collected

Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION receives, collects and stores any information you enter on the site or provide to her in any other way. 

In addition, the site collects the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet. Software tools may be used by the Site to measure, collect session information, including page response times, length of visits to certain pages, information about page interactions, and methods used to navigate. off page. 

When you fill out a form on the site, Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION collects the personal information you provide via the form, such as your name, email address, telephone number, and any other personal information mentioned in the comment box. . Your personal information will only be used within the framework of your contact with Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION. 


Purpose of the data collected

The site may process all or part of the non-personal and personal information for the following purposes: 

1. To provide and operate the services of the site, to enable and improve navigation on the site

2. To send users general or personalized communications relating to the services offered by Madame Margot CAM and promotional messages

3. To carry out communication campaigns and optional user satisfaction or opinion surveys 

4. To create aggregate statistical data used to provide and improve site services.


Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION may contact users to inform them of the follow-up of their request, to collect fees or sums due, to sound out their opinion through surveys or questionnaires, to send updates on the company , or as required under the User Agreement, applicable laws, and any agreements it may have with users. For these purposes, Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION may contact Users by email, telephone, text messages and postal mail. 


Mrs. Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION does not market users' personal data which is therefore only used out of necessity or for statistical and analysis purposes.


Right of access, rectification and opposition

In accordance with the regulations in force, the user of the site has the right to access, rectify, update, complete or delete his personal data. The user can at any time withdraw his consent or oppose the processing of his data. 


If the user wishes to know how Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION uses his personal data, ask to rectify them or oppose their processing, he can contact Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION by e-mail at the following address contact.camproduction@gmail .com.


Non-disclosure of personal data

Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION undertakes to take all the necessary precautions to preserve the security of the information, and in particular that it is not communicated to unauthorized persons. 




Madame Margot CAM - CAMPRODUCTION reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting to the Site.

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