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Music video

Clip musical

"Biget" - Making of the music video

Music video by artist-singer Carole Pelé, directed by Anouk Maugein in 2021.

With "Biget", Carole Pelé invites her mother to tell her story

Biget, this is perhaps the most intimate story that Carole Pelé has to share with us, whom we met a few weeks ago for the release of her First EP. The story of a birthe complicated, the one where we implore the doctors to make sure that our “child is going to be normal”, told by the so particular and raw style of the young multi-talented artist as well as by the one who lived it in the front row : her mother, Jocelyne, unexpected narrator, especially for her. 

Link to the article:

Short films


"Bête Noire" - Making of the short film

Whodunnit movie, directed by Jérémy TRELLU in 2020.



It plunges us into the heart of a personal drama, where David Henin, an ex-cop with a sulphurous past who has become a renowned trumpeter, is forced to confront his past and return to service.

While presenting his new album in one of the most legendary Parisian jazz clubs, he learns that his goddaughter Léna, seven years old, has been missing for three days in Combleux near Orléans.

The angelic smile of the young girl plastered in all the media, David Henin is shot and touched in the heart. It has been five years since he returned home, where the police, the media and the curious are looking for the slightest clue and a first lead.

Destroyed by the accidental death of his son and in search of redemption, David Henin is driven by the violence that inhabits him and his cop instinct. He will take the lead and risk his life to find Léna.

"Land" -Making of cshort film

Drama graduation film, directed by Ivän James HAYWARD in 2019.


Émile is a young boy living on a farm with his mother and Gérard, his father. The latter exhausts the child with the task, so that he can resume the operation when the time comes, whether he likes it or not.

While repairing a fence at the edge of the field, Émile sees a plane passing above him and crashing into the neighboring field. Jacques, the pilot of the aircraft, barely escapes.

While his parents take care of the injured pilot, the young boy takes the opportunity to look at the photos that the man has in his bag. Emile, amazed, is determined to leave with Jacques. But his father has already mapped out his destiny for him, within the farm. Émile only hopes for one thing: to convince the pilot to take him with him!

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